Vinyl non-woven backed

Size: 70 cm x 10.05 m per roll

Repeat: 0 cm

Made in Germany


The collection is not structured in sets. Instead, lots of different wallcoverings can be mixed and matched. The following designs are outstanding:

· A network structure where is seems that you are looking down on the street network of New York.

· A snakeskin, taken from a real python.

· A structure reminiscent of the cross-section of a centuries-old tree.

· Small dots, arranged symmetrically.

· Narrow triangles, connected at their tips.

· A wavy teardrop design.


Along with these central motifs, the collection includes a fine linen fabric with a look reminiscent of leather or plaster, depending on the colouring, and an elegant strie of matching structures, providing a range of combination options that impose very few restrictions on your imagination.