Brand Story





Brand Story - ARTPANEL ®  was conceived by three brothers (or The Lam Bros) in 2009, each with their own passion, vision & desire to preserve their families ancient Chinese manufacturing techniques, which date back over 200 years.  


The Panel Art concept has existed in culture for millennia but until recently, this traditional aesthetic was reserved for the very wealthy and for very specific high end applications. Paneling was perceived as complicated to design, slow to manufacture, hard to install and very expensive. 


The Lam Bros have been able to design a fully handmade modular panel system, which has limitless design options, fast and efficient manufacture, easy to install and very cost effective, compared with any wallcovering product. 


Thus the ARTPANEL ® was born! 


A wall panelization of ancient handmade leather crafting, to create a uniquely stunning, highly intricate, three dimensional, hand stitched piece of artwork, combined with a modern, high performance, modular patented panelization methods, using state of the art materials,  intricate designs and with a simple installation system. 


ARTPANEL ®  is fully customizable, offers full commercial fire certification, high acoustical performance, built-in Antibacterial technology & with an aesthetic that can only be 'ARTPANEL ® 


ARTPANEL ® is now an international brand with a sales network spanning the globe, including • Chile • Domingo • USA • Austria • Greece • Turkey • UK • Abu Dhabi • Bahrain • Dubai • Kuwait • Qatar • Saudi Arabia • China • Malaysia • Indonesia • Singapore • Taiwan • Hong Kong.


We look forward to bringing ARTPANEL ® to the world! 







LAM, Frankie YC

Founder | CEO