Vinyl non-woven backed

Size: 70 cm x 10.05 m per roll

Repeat: 0 cm

Made in Germany


Ornamental patterns inspired by the fashion and art of indigenous peoples. Stripes, irregular triangles and ornaments are applied with granulate to a background that has the tactile quality of heavy handmade paper.

A representational series featuring exotic fauna: tigers prowl across the wall. The motif is striking and luxurious, with the fur of the predatory cat made from subtly shimmering appliqued beads. A gently curving motif reminiscent of feather grass can be combined with it. A third theme presents a variety of ikat patterns. The typical zigzag design is applied to a background in regular "strings of pears. The clay structures of indigenous walls created using richly tactile granulate are combined with metallic accents.

Colourways: Memento also takes its colours from a trip though all the continents of the globe. Gentle non-colours in sand and stone shades define the look, together with a warm red melange and a golden shimmering sage green. The ikat series takes platinum-the most precious of all metals- as its bases, combining it with gold, taupe and blue. The per design is a special colour feature. Tens of thousands of little beads make the background glow as soon as light falls on them so that the line predator's coat shimmers in glittering copper and dazzling silver