KINLAND® supplies advanced interior decorative materials to organizations in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, among others. Founded in 1996, the company has an extensive wallcoverings & the other interior decorative materials from the world's most favourite brands and has won several International Awards for the innovation and creativity of its own branded products.

With nearly 20 patented process technologies and registered copyrights, KINLAND can help realize your concepts into one-of-a-kind works with different innovative processes, modern high-performance materials, and more. In addition to distributing high-end designer interior materials from the world's most favourite brands, KINLAND® also supplies and manufactures a wide variety of arts and crafts wall decor. Through numerous trials and efforts and with its exemplary entrepreneurial spirit, KINLAND® has become increasingly recognized as a quality brand and its products are widely used in upmarket homes and luxury hotels globally.

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