KINLAND wallpaper, KINLAND wallcovering, KINLAND carpet, KINLAND fabric are the trademarks of KINLAND DECOR LIMITED, the qualified decorative materials are sourcing & importing from the most wanted brands worldwide including the collections of Porsche Design Wallcovering, Esprit home wallpaper & carpet, Jacadi Paris wallpaper, Brigitte Home wallpaper, Tartine et Chocolat Paris wallpaper and a large number of commercial collections etc.


“Thank you so much for expediting these beautiful books, they were very helpful. Everyone here liked these products very much.”
Virginia Holder,
Architecture and Interior Design,
Tiffany & Co.

KINLAND DECOR LIMITED, is a subsidiary company of KINLAND GROUP in Hong Kong, established in 1996. We are a leader of the most advanced interior decorative materials supplying organization to provide extensive collections and reliable services to our clients over 18 years. There are the achievement of fashion, lifestyle, environment-friendly and the highest quality materials in every home & project.






We currently have 50 qualified sales-persons to provide professional services for the markets of Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.





KINLAND Decor Limited, expert in wallcoverings, carpets, flooring, stone-veneer, metal art and high performance faux leather/suede, is one of renowned interior decorative materials supplier in the world. KINLAND sales team leaders are registered lead professional, they're required to undergo extensive internal training before working in the field. They are also experienced to a high standard of technical competence.

In today, KINLAND Decor Limited operates 3 regional offices and 4 showrooms in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Shanghai. With a vast distributorship base spanning across, the whole cities of Mainland China, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Korea.  

Besides the above, we are proud of the fact that our clients include high profile designers, architects, developers, contractor, hotels, estate management companies, creating famous projects, as well as a large number of small to mid-sized companies.  Many of our customers value our innovative products and our direct, personal and professional approach, which allows us to stand out from our competitors.

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